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I am so happy to put time into updating my cottages for you....


New Windows in every cottage

New trim on Windows

New Shutters on Cottage 2

New larger decks and  skirting around cottages

New Tub in Cottage 1and 2

New stand up shower in Cottage 3

New Pedestal sink in Cottage 1

New bedside tables in Cottage 2

New Coffee tables in Cottage 1 and 2

New shelving for more Kitchen storage in Cottage 1 and 2

New Painting in and out of cottages

New shelving in the Shed for laundry

New Patio door in Cottage 2 and moved for a larger sitting room


New pillows for every bed and extras  in Cottage 1,2 and 3

New Heron Blue steel roofs on cottage 1 and 2

New refrigerators in Cottage 1 and 2

New screens on doors in Cottage 1,2 and 3 

All new baking supplies/ cookie sheets, muffin tins, casserole dishes big and small, some new pots and frying pans, pizza pans, etc for Cottage 1,2 and 3

New Coffee Makers in cottage 1,2 and 3.

New beautiful knotty pine large dresser and mirror for cottage 1

New beautiful knotty pine armoire for cottage 2 

New kitchen table in Cottage 1

Newly painted deck chairs for cottages 1,2 and 3

New picnic tables for cottage 1 2 and 3

New wooden deck chairs with table in the middle for cottage 3

New window dressings for cottage 1,2 and 3

New clothes lines for cottage 1,2 and 3

New outdoor furniture for Cottage 3


New Fridge in Cottage 3

New Washer and Dryer

New Couch in all cottages

New Area Rugs in all cottages

New Love Seat in cottage 1

New Queen Mattress in cottage 2

New Twin Mattress in cottage 2

New Queen Sleigh Bed in cottage 1

New Lamps in cottage 1

New Bakers Rack in cottage 2

New Siding patio Door on cottage 1

New Dressers in Bedrooms in Cottage 1 and 2

New Coffee Tables in cottage 1 and 2

And of course Newly Painted Happy Cottages with New Wide Deck Stairs and Railings

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